100 wc

The flame flicked and went out. I was alone. Then the flame sparked up again. It was bigger than ever. It burned the leaves of the trees and set them on fire. I ran. I ran until my lungs burned. Partly from the smoke and partly from running. I had to stop. I turned around to see a burning tree fall towards me. I ran. But not fast enough. Some of the branches hit my back and ripped the flesh off and burned it. The fire surrounded me. It closed in on me. I sat down and waited for death.

100 wc

I sat down to read my book. I was in a shopping mall. I looked at the person sitting next to me. He was made of brass! I stared at him. Then he said “didn’t your mum ever tell that staring is rude?” I opened and closed my mouth. I said “you talk?!” he says “do you see me gawking at you?” I said “no.” I asked him what he is doing. He said “sitting” I asked him if he can do anything other than sit and talk. He said “no” he told me to go away. So I did.

My Goals


In semester one I had four goals. My first was goal is to write my times tables out three times a week. I will do this by writing them out. My second goal was to improve my hand writing. I will do this by writing long words 3 times a day. I wanted to improve my hand writing because it’s messy. My third goal is to not get distracted. I will do this by ignoring the people around me. My fourth goal is to get better at note taking. I will do this by asking people around me for help.


I didn’t complete many of my goals. I forgot to write my times tables out every week and I didn’t write any big words out ever. I could try to do them next time by remembering to actually tell my parents about them.  I did get better at note taking but not much. I totally failed at not getting distracted. I will need to set that as a goal for next time. I think I didn’t do them because I forgot to ask people around me to help me. I could get better at note taking.

Semester two goals

My first goal is to not get distracted. I will do this by ignoring other people around me. My second goal is to keep on track. I will do this by getting people around me to remind me to stay on track. My third goal is to get tasks done in time. I will do this by not getting distracted and getting people to keep me on track. My fifth goal is to write faster.  I will do this by trying harder.  My sixth goal is to record my data in science. I will do this by trying harder.

100 WC

One day I was in my pyjamas and there was a thunder storm. I saw a beetle that had swam in the drain. It was an orange beetle. In my house there was silence as we watched the storm. I wished that there was power so I could play on my Xbox. I was really bored. I went into my room to listen to some Pink Floyd songs. My favourite song is “Another Brick in the Wall” in the album “The Wall”. Then my phone goes flat and I go to sleep.


In Kenya they are burning over 100 tonnes of ivory as a message against poachers. 25 000 to 30 000 elephants die every year. There are about 500 000 elephants in Africa. How much money is ivory per pound or kilo? How much ivory is sold every year? I wonder how we can stop poaching.


I stared up at the endless stairs to the clouds. My friend walks forward. He touches the hand rail and says “this is solid gold. We could be rich.” I run home and ask my dad if I can borrow his angle grinder. He says sure I can. Grab the angle grinder and run back to my friend. I give him the angle grinder and back off. After 10 minutes we have 3 metres of 5 centimetre thick gold hand rail. We carry it home and go to bed. When we wake up my bro drives us to a goldsmith and we get 3.5 billion dollars.


Have you heard about super bugs*? They are super powerful bugs that could wipe out the human race! (Not really!) Here is a short guide on how to stop them. Firstly, don’t take antibiotics if you don’t need them. Secondly don’t share antibiotics with anyone. Finally only use antibiotics if they are prescribed to you by a doctor. How do they make antibiotics? How do the antibiotics kill the bugs? I wonder what happens if you take antibiotics if you don’t need them?







*this is not a question

100 wc

Suddenly, my worst enemy pushed me forward and I fell down the hole. I fell and fell and fell and fell until I hit the soft sponge like floor. It was so spongy I swear that it sank down 4 metres. Then I heard my enemy yell “go die in a hole” then she was gone. I felt really really really bored. I know that you think I should be feeling sad or even crying because I’m going to die or because I will never see my parents again but I don’t have parents. So I lie down and die.


To make cheese the curdle milk by adding mould. The mould that is added is called rennet. Rennet is made of enzymes from an animal’s gut. Is blue cheese made the same way? Is goat’s cheese made the same as cow cheese? I wonder what makes cheese so appealing to griffin?


I walked up to the bin and looked at the little pictures that told me which bin to put my beer bottle in. There’s a bin for plastic, a bin for metal and a bin for glass. These bins where the ugliest bins i have ever seen. I decided that i won’t put my beer bottle in those bins but i would walk to the next set of bins . As i start walking i start to wonder how far the closest bin is. (just a word between you and me, the closest bin is 151 473.1 kms away)i keep walking till’ i drop dead.